Calling Notice 2011

Queen Elizabeth (Kensington) Branch of
King's College, London Alumni Association


Sally Henderson (nee Taylor)(1971-79)
Radha Robinson (nee Subramaniam)(1972-78)

The ‘Committee’:

John Brockhouse (1974-78),
Ann Wood (1970-75),
Helen Huckvale (née Parsons) (1975-78),
Henry Embling (1972-78),
Lyn Embling (née Rigby) (1972-78),
Gary Thomas (1974-77),
Mick Farrow (1975-78),
Jean Atkins (née Aitchison) (1946-49),
Mike Barker (1974-77),
Pat Cox (née Symes) (1951-54),
Hilary Phillips (née Skirrow) (1961-64),
Mike Derome (1976-78),
Barbara McLennan (nee McDermott)

Dear QEC and KCHSS friends

Reunion 2011

We are writing to invite you to the next QE(K)A Reunion planned for 1st October in the River Room and nearby lecture theatre on the first floor of the main building of King’s Strand campus.

Our guest speaker will be Professor Tom Sanders who was a student at QEC before joining the staff as a lecturer between 1982 and 1991. Professor Sanders then moved to Kings College as a Reader before taking the Chair of Nutrition and Dietetics in 1994, a post that he still retains.

At KCL, he leads a group whose main focus is on the mechanisms by which diet influences risk of cardiovascular disease. This includes differentiating the effects of different types of fatty acids as well as the relative proportions of fat and type of carbohydrate on cardiovascular risk factors. So whether you are vegan, vegetarian or carnivore, Professor Sanders’ talk is likely to give you food for thought.

Further details of the day appear on a separate page. Please return your reply to Henry Embling by 20th September so that catering numbers can be confirmed.

Envoy 2011

We extend our thanks, once again, to the numerous contributors and to Lyn Embling for editing and producing the latest issue of our annual newsletter.  Envoy 2011 is available to download from this website here.

We would still appreciate any news, information, articles, photos etc., about yourselves or colleagues. Please write or e-mail to Lyn Embling with any reminiscences, anecdotes or general interest articles for inclusion in Envoy 2012.


QE(K)A is run informally with the assistance of the members of the Committee.  Please contact one of the Committee if you are interested in contributing to the Association in any way or would like to join the Committee. Committee meetings are held twice yearly and help keep the wheels turning in between times.   Main contact details are on our web site and on the back cover of Envoy.

Minutes Secretary – possible requirement

After many years of service, Helen Huckvale (nee Parsons) has expressed a wish to stand down at this year’s AGM. On behalf of the Association and especially the Committee, we would like to thank Helen for all that she has done. Unless we can persuade her otherwise, we will be looking for a member to be the Minutes Secretary and join the Committee. If you can get to London for an 18.30 start and can record and type minutes, then we would love to hear from you. Internet access, whilst useful, is not essential. 


Gary Thomas has continued to run our web site and during the past year has given it a new look. Do let him know what you think or include suggestions for possible improvements.

Contact details

Please pass on our details (e-mail addresses, website) to any friends or colleagues who may be interested in the Association’s activities and let the Membership Secretary know of any changes to your own details by using the form provided.

We do hope that you will stay in touch with the organization and hope to see you at the Reunion in October.

Kind regards,

Sally Henderson and Radha Robinson

This page created 03 September 2011