Chairman's e-mail to Alumni

Ann recently e-mailed the following to QEC’ers.

Hello Everybody

I want to inform/remind you all of the special reunion we are holding on June 10th as part of the KCL reunion weekend.  I've attached a flyer with info on it.

We intend to 'go out with a bang' as many of our Bio-Sciences degrees close this summer.  These include all single and joint honours degrees in Biological Sciences (Botany, Biology, Zoology), Environmental

Sciences, Immunology and Microbiology.  MAny of you know that Food Science, Chemistry, and Biotechnology degrees have already closed.  I suspect that Biochemistry, Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics will not last much longer either - but that's just my reading of the runes rather than overt official policy!

All former students and staff of QEC, King's and Chelsea are welcome to attend, but we expect mainly those who were associated with the closing (and already closed) degree programmes.  If you can't come but would like to send a message and/or photo, please do - we will be having poster boards for photos and messages etc.

For those of you ex Microbiologists and Biotechnologists out there, I am expecting several of the former staff to be there - Pat Scholes, Tony Trinci, Brian Bainbridge, Don Kelly, Ted Mathison, MArian
Simmonds, Chris Britnell....and for those of you who won a Helen R (Rachel) White Prize, I'm delighted to announce that she will also be attending as a guest of honour - now called Rachel Brown.

We will also be having a Kensington Walk on the following afternoon - Sunday June 11th.  Meeting at the Windsor Castle pub on Campden Hill Road at lunchtime.

I have put more details on our website ( and of course the KCL Alumni Office will have details of the whole weekend's events if you don't already receive 'In Touch' which should be arriving in the next week or two.

Finally, I can't contact everyone who might be interested but not linked to the Alumni Association - so please pass on this email and the attachment to any friends you have who might be interested.

I am so looking forward to meeting you all again - I need cheering up!!

Best wishes


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