Class of 1977

This year is of course the 30th anniversary of those who graduated in 1977, which includes the Webmaster. Our plans are to try to get as many people as possible to come along to the Annual Reunion on 29 September 2007 so we can all have a natter then! If you have any QEC memorabilia you could bring along then so much the better.

There is nothing special planned for the reunion - we just hope getting as many graduates from 1977 together will be special enough! And there are plenty of places around and about to carry on the reminiscing after the ‘formal’ reunion has finished.

If you have any further questions about the Class of 1977 reunion  please contact the Webmaster.

There is a complete, alphabetical list of the Class of 1977 here.

And now for some great images from the years 1974-77, courtesy of Duncan Steel, who was Ents Chairman in 1976/77. Click on any of the pictures to load a larger version.

QEC Xmas Ball 1976 poster
QEC Students Union Ents programme 1977

This poster is, I think, for the Christmas Ball of 1976

QEC Duncan Steel Ents Chairman 1977

Duncan Steel, Ents Chairman, 1977 (that would be before MS Word, desk top publishing or, would you believe it, the Internet, hence the sophisticated graphics!)

And below, a real piece of history. This is a letter from Malcolm Maclaren to Phil Horler (Students Union President) confirming that the Sex Pistols will be appearing at QEC. The date of this gig was 28th November 1975; they also appeared at QEC on 7th June 1977.

Letter confirming Sex Pistols appearing at QEC 28 Nov 1975

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