Kensington Walk 2005

The Kensington Walk 2005, part of the Kings Alumni weekend, was a great success with 31 KCHSS/QEC people turning up. Below are the arrangements for the day including the itinerary for the walk, followed by some photos hot off the press and a  list of attendees.

Following on from the success of the 2004 Alumni weekend a similar event will take place in 2005, over the weekend of 10 - 12th June 2005.

The Windsor Castle in Campden Hill RoadThe special Reunion event for QEC staff and students at the forthcoming KCLA Reunion weekend (June 10-12th 2005) will be a walking tour of Kensington in the area around the old QEC site on Sunday June 12th.  We will meet at the Windsor Castle pub on Campden Hill Road and aim to set off at 1.30pm (ish!).  Do come along early if you wish to have lunch or a drink and a chat before we set off. The tour will end in Holland Park so we can take tea in the cafe or retire to another hostelry, depending how people feel at the time. If you wish to take part please contact Wendy James at the KCL Alumni Office on 020 7848 3053 or email (or just turn up on the day; the Alumni office can also give you details of other events taking place over the weekend).

QEC?And, in case you thought you knew the area, where can you find this plaque that clearly has the initials ‘QEC’ on it?


I look forward to seeing many 'old' and new friends there and revisiting old haunts together

Ann Wood

Click on the links for a copy of the itinerary as a MS Word file (25k), or as a PDF (166k).

Click here for a copy of the Kings Alumni leaflet describing all the events over the weekend (PDF, 532k).

Attendees (in alphabetical order)

Jean Atkins
Brian & Margaret Bainbridge
John Brockhouse
Pietro Coletta
Pat Cox
Mark Davis
Jake Dutton
Lyn & Henry Embling
Mick Farrow
Di & Malcolm Fellowes-Freeman
Lewis Gibbs
Tess Gray & 3 family members
Barbara Hawgood
Dan Hilton
Helen Huckvale
Louise Kearns
Pat Mitchell
Terry & Merril Mitchell
Victoria Nnatuanya (Davies)
Sarah Nolan
Hilary Philips
Gary Thomas
Michael & Hazel Womersley
Ann Wood
Peter & Rosemary Wyld

01_Outside Windsor Castle


02_Ready for the off


03_Ann Wood

04_Outside Aubrey House


05_In Aubrey Walk #1


06_ In Aubrey Walk #2

07_The Group


08_Dan, John and Ann taking an interest


09_The site of the Atkins Building

10_Outside Holland Park School


11_The QEC Papparazi


12_Outside QEC #1

13_Outside QEC #2


14_QEC 1915


15_Walking past QEC

16_Outside the Refectory #1


17_Outside the Refectory #2


18_QEC June 2005 positively glowing

19_Passing the Elephant and Castle


20_Coming up Kensington Church Walk


22_Tea in Holland Park

23_Buy a room in halls

And some pictures courtesy of John Brockhouse

A rather dashing new look


Now, which one was my room


Where are the squash courts

Gary, Dan & John


From the ashes of the Atkins Building

And the QEC Gates are not missing after all...

At the AGM in 2004 it was commented that the builders had lost the gates to QEC. Well on the above walk the gates were there for all to see. However to several of us the look and feel of the material seemed to indicate that the gates were new ones and not the original, so perhaps the original gates were lost but replaced with very good copies.

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