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In April 2005 we added another section imaginatively called ‘Lost and Found’ which is for where we put details of people who contact the webmaster. We try to contact everyone who registers on the QEC section of FriendsReunited, to make sure they are aware that the Association exists, and we are also finding that people are now starting to find this web site as they surf, so the Association is slowly growing its numbers.

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News of People 2008

Professor Brian Foster (1972 - 75) was made FRS on 16 May 2008.

Brian Foster OBE FRS, ex QEC. Photo  Jack LiebeckBrian Foster is an international leader in the development of accelerators, instrumentation and physics analysis of electron-positron and electron-proton colliders. He established his reputation in the analysis of heavy quarks and leptons on the TASSO experiment and subsequently analysed the physics of electron-proton collisions at the HERA collider. where for four years he led the ZEUS collaboration of 400 physicists. He is an international authority on the proton structure and the production of heavy quarks via the strong interaction. He is currently European Director of the global effort to design and construct the next major project in particle physics, an electron-positron collider, the ILC, which will complement and extend the physics possible at the LHC at CERN.

At QEC he received the Dillon Prize in 1974 for best performance in undergraduate second year, and the Andrewes Prize in 1975 for best performance in undergraduate final year.

Barry Welsh, Physics 1971-74, sent the following to the webmaster back in Jan 2008 :

‘Just found the QEC web-site. Thought that I'd like to post the following:

Barry Welsh
Physics 1971-74

Now works as an astrophysicist at the Space Sciences Laboratory of UC Berkeley (CA). Is currently awaiting the launch of the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph on next Hubble Space telescope servicing mission in late 2008.

He has 2 college age kids, and has been married to Sheila for the past 31 years!! The family's latest highlight was appearing on FOX TV's "Trading Spouses" reality TV show.

He still plays rugby, although a bit slower than he used to, and would love to hear from any ex-QEC friends.’

If you want to contact Barry send an email to the webmaster.

 Please send to me news of yourself and your friends from your QEC days

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