People in 2006

Greg Halliwell (B.Sc Physics, 1974-77) recently found the QEC web site and filled in the on-line membership form. Greg tells us that :

“After QEC I did a PhD in particle physics at Westfield (sadly another UL college now defunct), then went on to work at the Rutherford Lab (where he met up with Brian Ellison, Physics and Astrophysics 1974-77, now Professor Ellison - ed), then CERN, then Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, and now in Marseille since 1991. I divide my time between the ATLAS experiment for the CERN new collider and the ANTARES underwater neutrino telescope, so I have got back at some level into astrophysics. However I've been out of the UK for more than 20 years, and come back these days for the occasional family visit or work related meeting.

I met up with Bob Wilson (also Physics 1974-77) a few times over the years. We worked on the same experiment when I was in the US, and our paths also crossed when we were at a conference in Israel in January (2006). He seems to be doing well and enjoying faculty life in Colorado.”

Professor Alison Richard (PhD 1969)

An interview with Professor Richard appeared in the Spring 2006 edition of the Kings Alumni magazine.  We have a full transcript here.

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