Reunion 2018 Pictures

Below are pictures from the Annual Reunion and AGM 2018.

This year I have managed to identify and hence name most people in the photos. Apologies for any misspelt names and also for the odd ‘unknown’. As always if you email the webmaster I can update the images.

If you would like a full resolution copy of any of the pictures please contact the Webmaster.

  • 01_Hilary Phillips and Pat Cox (former Treasurer)
  • 02_Claire Thomas and Edward Henderson
  • 03_Barbara Mclennan QEK(A) Treasurer selling the biscuits
  • 04_Miwa Tonaki and unknown
  • 05_QEC'ers catching up before the 2018 Reunion talk
  • 06_Paul Ogden QEK(A) Chair, Claire Thomas and Edward Henderson
  • 07_QEC'ers catching up before the 2018 Reunion talk (2)
  • 08_Not known speaking with Alf Riddy
  • 09_Henry Embling and John Brockhouse
  • 10_Brian Leith our Speaker for the 2018 Reunion
  • 11_Ready for the QEC(A) Reunion talk 2018
  • 12_Seamus Higson and Paul Ogden (QE(K)A Chair)
  • 13_QEC Prospectus cover 1972
  • 14_Brian Leith answering questions
  • 15_Ready for the QEC(A) Reunion talk 2018 #2
  • 16_Brian Leith presented with a QEC shield by Paul Ogden
  • 17_The Kings Nash Theatre home for the QEC annual talk and AGM
  • 18_Enjoying lunch QEC(A) 2018 Reunion
  • 19_Claire Thomas and Paul Ogden
  • 20_Marie King talking with Lyn Embling (Editor Envoy)
  • 21_Hilary Phillips and unknown
  • 22_Sally Henderson and Brian Leith
  • 23_Claire Thomas talking with Mike Barker and John Brockhouse
  • 24_Claire Thomas and Sally Henderson
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  • 26_Catching up - QEC(A) 2018 Reunion
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