Where is it happening?

The reunion is taking place at :

QEC and Chelsea Rooms
Franklin-Wilkins Building
King’s College
Stamford Street (off Waterloo bridge Road)

For a map of the local area including the nearest tube station (which is Waterloo) just click here.

Timings for the day


Arrive and meet for coffee


Talk by Howard Dalton




Buffet Lunch








Close (and if like last year’s AGM, off down the pub

Bring your memorabilia.............

Dan and the sign from Physics IIIAt the end of the final Reunion Dinner at QEC a certain ‘Dan’ and your webmaster went a-touring round the college. Dan managed to acquire the sign from above the door of one of our occasional haunts, Physics Lecture Theatre P111. If Dan reads this I hope he brings it along as one of his items of QEC memorabilia.

It is hoped that as many people as possible will bring along anything of interest, e.g. photos, souvenirs (as above!), adverts. If you want to send these to the Chairman in advance he describes how to do this in his letter.

Your webmaster has found one piece of memorabilia, which only the bravest of Physicists should look at...

How to register for the Reunion

The reunion is being co-ordinated by Henry Embling, our Membership Secretary. His e-mail address is hembling@cardinala.freeuk.com.

A copy of the agenda and registration form can now be downloaded below :

The full document is available for download (it is a MS Word document, about 270kb in size).

A text-only version (27k) is also available.

Please return the forms to Henry at the address on the form.

This page last updated : 12 October 2003