QE(K)A Archive

One of the events at the 2009 Kings Alumni weekend was the unveiling of the QEC and Chelsea Archives.  This is an online, publicly accessible catalogue of the rich and varied photographic and ephemera collections of Chelsea College and Queen Elizabeth College. The Archive’s online exhibition tells the story of student life at Chelsea and Queen Elizabeth Colleges from the late nineteenth century to their mergers with King’s College London in 1985. At the event we also had an opportunity to view original photographs and documents from the collections.

Click here to access the home page of the QEC and Chelsea Archives

Pictures of the ‘Opening of the Archive’ event at the Alumni weekend.

DSCN2417P_QEC Archive opening at Kings_Enh

DSCN2418P_QEC Archive opening at Kings_Enh

DSCN2419P_QEC Archive opening at Kings_Enh

DSCN2420P_QEC Archive opening at Kings_Enh

DSCN2421P_QEC Archive opening at Kings_Enh



DSCN2423P_QEC Archive opening at Kings_Enh

DSCN2424P_QEC Archive opening at Kings_Enh

Household Sciences and Nutrition 50yr Reunion 13 June 2009

The picture above of the 4 ladies is taken from the Kings Alumni web site of the reunion weekend, and is of the Household Sciences and Nutrition 50 year reunion.

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