Reunion 2018

This years talk is by Brian Leith and is entitled

Working with David Attenborough

After graduating from QEC in 1972 Brian Leith worked in wildlife television for many years, over 30 of them as a producer in the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol.

Brian first met David Attenborough in 1979 and has produced several films with him, including “Life on Air” – a film about David’s career in television – and “Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life” – a film about how Darwin envisaged the process of evolution to have worked (which won the Grierson Award in 2009).

Brian will chat informally about what it’s like working with David, and in the BBC NHU, and where the future of wildlife broadcasting may take us (if we’re not careful).  He will endeavour to answer the eternal question of wildlife television: who will be the next David Attenborough?

Further information is available on Brian’s website

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