Talk by Prof. Keverne

Prof. Keverne’s talk was fascinating, and I think everyone could have happily listened to him talk about his research for another hour had time permitted.

Take a look at the last picture. It is Barry on a field trip in 1961. More pictures of QEC field trips in the 1960’s can be found on this website here.

Reunion 2004_1612


Reunion 2004_1613


Reunion 2004_1617


Reunion 2004_1618

Reunion 2004_1619


Reunion 2004_1620


Reunion 2004_1624


Reunion 2004_1626

Ann Wood, Chair of the QEC Assoc. and Prof. Keverne


Oooh, an interesting bit of gossip....?


Reunion 2004_1636


Reunion 2004_1670

Reunion 2004_1671


Barry Keverne Fishing 1961

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